by Pat Robitaille

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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Pat Robitaille Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Moments Of Joy
Moments of joy
Whatever they be
You could call anyone
But you called me
Just reach you hand out whenever you need
Love while we're living
Forgiveness is key
My heart is a toy
For your to destroy
Moments of joy

A moment of pain
You can't comprehend
You could hurt anyone
But you hurt me instead
If that's all you'll give me I'll take what I'll get
I still remember
But I can forget
It's not always this way
We can get back again
After a moment of pain

You can take sadness
Turn it to gladness
You make it look easy when it's hard
Can't get enough of you
I'm losing touch with you

Moments of joy
Wherever they hide
You could be anywhere
But I feel you inside
I wish I cared so much more than I do
Love don't come easy
Just see it through
My heart is a toy
For you to destroy
A moment of pain
That you can't comprehend
My heart is a toy
For you to destroy
Moments of joy
Track Name: Blood Is Fair
Searching deeper in my soul
I can't look you in the eyes when we make love
Power over me, complete control
There was hardly a chance in hell I'd get an answer from you
Will I ever see you again with another lover?
Will I ever see you again with another friend?
We're taking shape baby
We'll figure out our state
Reaching back into our youth
The nitty gritty truth
Blood is fair
It's in you to give when your love ain't there
I need something to live

I'm trying to even out the score
I've got lots of friends that love me
We just don't speak anymore
Patience, won't you have a heart?
I've been dying just to reach you
You must have just missed that part
Will I ever love you again?
Can we even be friends?
And then I feel like I just want to love you
'Til the bitter end